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  • Is Goat Milk products good for the skin?
    Goat milk has the same pH as human skin. So, when you cleanse with a goat milk product, you do not disturb the acid mantle, or the skin’s natural microbiome. This makes your skin absorb the nutrients much easier.
  • Can I use Goat Milk Products for my Eczema or Psorisis?
    Absolutely! I started Triple L Glamor Goat Company because my daughter has eczema and I needed a solution to find her relief! The nutrients in Goat Milk can restore your skin and for my daughter, it has turned her eczema around!
  • Can Goat Milk Products clear up my acne?
    Goat milk is great to combat acne-prone skin because it contains special properties that offer a natural, less harsh exfoliation for the skin, and antimicrobial properties that can eliminate and even prevent acne altogether.
  • Do Goat Milk Products help with aging and wrinkles?
    Goat milk contains lactic acid, a naturally occurring form of alpha-hydroxyl acid (AHA), a common ingredient in skincare and anti-aging treatments. ... The lipids in goat milk have anti-inflammatory effects which help to sooth damaged skin cells and neutralize redness, giving users a fresh and even complexion.
  • Is Goat Milk good for Dandruff and Dry, Brittle Hair?"
    If your hair is dry and brittle, goat's milk will keep your hair feeling nice and soft. The milk is enriched with cream that is excellent for dry hair and scalp. The protein in goat milk helps to strengthen damaged hair to help promote growth. Our Goat Milk Shampoo bar also helps regulate the oil in your scalp to help you control or eliminate dandruff problems.

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