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We've incorporated bentonite to provide a gentle exfoliation and a smoother glide for your razor. To ensure a soothing post-shave experience, we've enriched the formula with cocoa butter, which helps combat razor burn. And for a luxurious lather that's easy on your skin, we've included castor oil. All of this, of course, is complemented by the wonderful aroma of Sandalwood essential oil, along with the same natural ingredients you've come to love.


Using these shaving soaps is a breeze. Just wet your face, apply the soap with a brush, create a rich lather, and enjoy a smooth shave. Afterward, make sure to keep the tin open to allow it to dry.


You'll be amazed at how long these tins last, and you can choose from our 2oz or 5oz sizes to suit your preferences. Elevate your shaving experience with our Triple L Goat Milk Shaving Soaps in a convenient and stylish tin.

Triple L Glamour Goat Men's Shaving Tin

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